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Meet Senior Decision Makers From International OEMs, National and Multinational Policymakers, Energy Companies, Utilities & Fleet Operators With The Following Job Titles:

Directors, Chiefs, Heads of, Managers And Specialists In The Following Areas:

  • Vehicle Design
  • Fuel Cell Technology
  • B.E.V. System Design
  • Hydrogen Storage
  • B.E.V. Charging Infrastructure
  • Storage & Fueling Solutions
  • Hydrogen Suppliers
  • Onboard Hydrogen Storage Tanks
  • PEM Membrane Manufacturing
  • Vehicle Charging Interfaces
  • Hydrogen Fueling Interfaces
  • Powertrain Integration Solutions
  • Control Algorithm Solutions
  • Vehicle Side Storage Tanks
  • Fueling Station Technology
  • Anode & Cathode Manufacturing


Building on the success of our most Global Automotive Lightweight Materials, Sustainable Lightweight Materials and Lightweight Materials Manufacturing events (GALM Series), Battery Electric Vehicles Architecture (BEVA Series) and LCA & Sustainable Vehicles virtual conferences, American Business Conferences are pleased to announce the launch of Automotive Materials Selection & Joining Simulation Virtual Congress, part of the GALM series of events.

Our automotive conferences all aim to provide practical solutions on strategic, tactical and technical challenges, and over the years over 10,000 automotive experts have taken away invaluable insight and formed business-critical connections.

Automotive Series Attendee Breakdown:


Our Automotive Series is renowned globally for hosting the most OEM-led congresses all of which are designed carefully in conjunction with VPs, Directors and Managers in the relevant discipline every year to ensure the most practical knowledge is exchanged at every event.


Attending OEMs Have Included:



Reducing The Cost Of Implementing Fuel Cell & Battery Electric Technology In The Vehicle

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology 

  • Increasing Durability Of The PEM Membranes 
  • Improving Durability Of The Membrane Electrode Assembly
  • Material Innovation To Increase Fuel Cell Durability 
  • Optimising The Efficiency Of Fuel Cell Systems 
  • Innovative Ways To Increase Fuel Cell Safety
  • Remodelling Fuel Cell Powertrain Integration For Optimum Efficiency 
  • Evaluating The Most Efficient & Cost Effective Onboard Hydrogen Storage Tanks 
  • Improving Thermodynamics Of Fuel Cells 
  • New Control Algorithms To Manage Fuel Cell Systems

Battery Electric Technology 

  • The latest Sodium-Ion Battery Developments 
  • Exploring The Potential Use Of Silicon Anodes To Increase Energy Density 
  • Increasing The Diffusion Rate Of Lithium-Ions 
  • Increasing Nickel Content To Increase Energy Storage 
  • Improving Cathode Energy Density 
  • Optimising Powertrain Integration For Maximum Efficiency 
  • Effectively Eliminating PCB Connectors 
  • Reducing Cost With Effective Powertrain Integration
  • Integrating DC/DC Converters, On Board Charging & Traction Inverters 



Evaluating Total Infrastructure Solutions – Policy, Funding & Technical Hydrogen Fueling & Storage Solutions 

  • The Roadmap Towards Hydrogen Fuelling Infrastructure 
  • Business Models For Building Hydrogen Supply Infrastructure
  • Identifying Governing Body Incentives For Hydrogen Infrastructure 
  • Solutions To The Gaseous Versus Liquid Hydrogen Debate 
  • The Optimal Solution For The Blue Versus Green Hydrogen Debate 
  • Investigating The Cost Effectiveness Of Small Scale Hydrogen Fuelling Infrastructure

Battery Electric Charging Infrastructure For Trucks

  • Exploring Challenges & Opportunities For Building High Voltage Charging Infrastructure
  • Utilising National Grids Across The EU For Heavy Duty Vehicle Charging 
  • Incentivisation Of Heavy Duty Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
  • Investigating The Financial Viability Of Small Scale Charging Infrastructure 
  • Solutions To Standardise High Voltage Charging Interface Across Europe 
  • Standardising Current & Voltage For Heavy Duty Vehicle Charging 



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