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Meet Senior Decision Makers From International OEMs, National and Multinational Policymakers, Energy Companies, Utilities & Fleet Operators With The Following Job Titles:

Directors, Chiefs, Heads of, Managers And Specialists In The Following Areas:

  • Vehicle Design
  • Fuel Cell Technology
  • B.E.V. System Design
  • Hydrogen Storage
  • B.E.V. Charging Infrastructure
  • Storage & Fueling Solutions
  • Hydrogen Suppliers
  • Onboard Hydrogen Storage Tanks
  • PEM Membrane Manufacturing
  • Vehicle Charging Interfaces
  • Hydrogen Fueling Interfaces
  • Powertrain Integration Solutions
  • Control Algorithm Solutions
  • Vehicle Side Storage Tanks
  • Fueling Station Technology
  • Anode & Cathode Manufacturing

Real World Case Studies On Vehicle Design Breakthroughs & Strategic Panel Discussions On Infrastructure Development 

Exploring Technical & Infrastructure Solutions To Accelerate The Switch Towards Wide Scale Usage Of Battery Electric & Fuel Cell Commercial Vehicles

‘These technologies are the future but how quickly they become the standard for commercial vehicles is down to a range of differing companies within the industry, bringing these people together to speed up progress is essential’

- CTO of a large European Truck OEM

This pan-European event will bring together all the key stakeholders, OEMs, fleet operators, energy companies and policy makers, into one forum so they can work together to accelerate the transition into a carbon neutral heavy-duty mobility sector.

For the first time ever, a comprehensive comparative analysis of hydrogen fuel cells and electric batteries will be undertaken, exploring the latest technological breakthroughs to make both more affordable and adaptable to heavy-duty vehicles. The commercial implications for fleet operators will be fully drawn out, comparing the total life cycle assessments for both to determine how quickly initial capital investments can be offset through reduced maintenance and fuel costs.

Our conference will also provide a unique space for stakeholders to better understand the commercial realities and priorities of fleet operators as they seek to meet ambitious carbon neutral targets. As well as dialogue with policymakers as they outline their plans and timescales to encourage investment in high voltage charging & hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.

All of these issues will be approached with cost effectiveness in mind to create a unique conference blending commercial & technical issues together to offer real life, practical solutions.



Day one of the conference will provide you with Fleet Operator, OEM & Supply Chain Perspectives on the latest technological advances in vehicle design enabling you to compare the costs of fuel cell & battery electric solutions side by side.

  • Understand how leading Fleet Operators view current hydrogen fuel cell and battery electric solutions and what they need to see to accelerate their carbon neutral plans.

  • Learn whether battery electric or fuel cell solutions are the most sustainable in terms of the carbon emissions they release throughout their entire life cycle.

  • Discover the latest developments in battery chemistries & powertrain integration.

  • Look into engineering strategies to improve fuel cell durability & tackle customer perceptions on safety. 



Day 2 of the conference will focus on technological and policy solutions to meet hydrogen refueling and battery charging requirements.

  • Gain clarity on private and public sector plans to accelerate investment in hydrogen refueling & battery charging infrastructure

  • Discover the optimum way to store and supply H2 for long haul fuel cell vehicles

  • Assess the role both Blue & Green Hydrogen can play in the transition towards the widespread adoption of fuel cell heavy-duty vehicles

  • Explore the possibility of developing technologies to operate small scale, cost effective hydrogen refueling & high voltage battery charging stations 

  • Determine best practices to standardize both hydrogen refueling & EV charging infrastructure


Never Miss A Moment With Our Virtual Platform

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Our tried and tested Live Stream Technology means you can interact with our entire 2-Day Event from the comfort of your home or office. Never miss an insight with the ability to playback any presentation. Also network virtually, meet like-minded peers with our virtual meeting rooms or invite specific attendees to your own custom-made meeting room.


Book Now To Hear Fleet Operators, OEMs, Energy Companies & Policymakers Share Their Challenges And Successes So You Can Help Build A Carbon Neutral Future



Reducing The Cost Of Implementing Fuel Cell & Battery Electric Technology In The Vehicle

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology 

  • Increasing Durability Of The PEM Membranes 
  • Improving Durability Of The Membrane Electrode Assembly
  • Material Innovation To Increase Fuel Cell Durability 
  • Optimising The Efficiency Of Fuel Cell Systems 
  • Innovative Ways To Increase Fuel Cell Safety
  • Remodelling Fuel Cell Powertrain Integration For Optimum Efficiency 
  • Evaluating The Most Efficient & Cost Effective Onboard Hydrogen Storage Tanks 
  • Improving Thermodynamics Of Fuel Cells 
  • New Control Algorithms To Manage Fuel Cell Systems

Battery Electric Technology 

  • The latest Sodium-Ion Battery Developments 
  • Exploring The Potential Use Of Silicon Anodes To Increase Energy Density 
  • Increasing The Diffusion Rate Of Lithium-Ions 
  • Increasing Nickel Content To Increase Energy Storage 
  • Improving Cathode Energy Density 
  • Optimising Powertrain Integration For Maximum Efficiency 
  • Effectively Eliminating PCB Connectors 
  • Reducing Cost With Effective Powertrain Integration
  • Integrating DC/DC Converters, On Board Charging & Traction Inverters 



Evaluating Total Infrastructure Solutions – Policy, Funding & Technical Hydrogen Fueling & Storage Solutions 

  • The Roadmap Towards Hydrogen Fuelling Infrastructure 
  • Business Models For Building Hydrogen Supply Infrastructure
  • Identifying Governing Body Incentives For Hydrogen Infrastructure 
  • Solutions To The Gaseous Versus Liquid Hydrogen Debate 
  • The Optimal Solution For The Blue Versus Green Hydrogen Debate 
  • Investigating The Cost Effectiveness Of Small Scale Hydrogen Fuelling Infrastructure

Battery Electric Charging Infrastructure For Trucks

  • Exploring Challenges & Opportunities For Building High Voltage Charging Infrastructure
  • Utilising National Grids Across The EU For Heavy Duty Vehicle Charging 
  • Incentivisation Of Heavy Duty Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
  • Investigating The Financial Viability Of Small Scale Charging Infrastructure 
  • Solutions To Standardise High Voltage Charging Interface Across Europe 
  • Standardising Current & Voltage For Heavy Duty Vehicle Charging 



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